KIT2.0 - A whole new KIT app

Check back soon for more details!


What is KIT? Why use KIT?

KIT is an iPhone app to store all your important, related information in one place instead of across several pieces of software.

For example; a KIT could be created for your holidays and within that KIT you could have all the important information such as dates, locations, hotel contact information, packing and shopping lists, websites... everything, all in one place and viewable at a glance.

KIT replaces or complements your iPhones Calendar & Reminder apps, contact information, maps and websites. It also adds lists, money pots and schedules. More about KITBits here.

Because KIT manages many different data types, it allows quick and easy viewing one one screen, without the need to buy different apps and load them all up.

Click here to see more about how KIT brings everything together.

What is KITFree?

KITFree is the free version of KIT. KITFree is free because of the implementation of Apple iAds and rndAds.

Random Bits receives payment for every iAd clicked on or shown, making free software possible.

rndAds showcases other apps from Random Bits.

The Catch? Along with the ads, KITFree is limited to 15 KITs, but other than that, it is completely functional!