KIT is a big piece of software and is capable of doing a lot to make your phone more organized.

Version 1.2 saw the introduction of LiveHelp, a little button in the top left of each screen which will give you instant access to help on the function you are accessing.

Further information can be found here.

Creating a new KIT or KIT Category
  1. From the KIT homescreen, press 'Add KIT'.
  2. Either type a new KIT Category into the 'KIT Category' field, or select a previously used category by pressing .
  3. Add a new name for you KIT.
  4. Add a password if required.
  5. Press 'Create KIT'
Editing KITs
  1. From the KIT homescreen, enter the KIT you wish to edit (enter the password if applicable).
  2. Press 'Edit KIT' at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose to Delete or Edit the KIT.
  4. Change the required information. Note. Any existing password will be removed.
  5. Press 'Save'.
Getting started with KITBits
  • From within a KIT, press 'Add KITBit'.
  • Select the type of KITBit you want to add.
  • Click below for more information on adding different KITBits.
Additional KITBit Information
    Further information on individual KITBits can be found below;
Additional Calendar Information
  • Navigate between months using < and >.
  • Press to find Today.
  • Press to search for a date up to 5 years into the future.
Additional KIT Information
  • Settings
    • From the homescreen, press 'About' and 'Settings'.
    • Settings allows you to change the number of days shown in Upcoming and also shows password recovery requests
  • Password Recovery
    • If you forget a password to a KIT, you have the option of 'Forgotten Password'. This requires you to enter an email address where an overriding password can be sent.
    • The overriding password is only good for the day in which it was requested.
    • A uneditable log of password requests can be found on the settings page.
    • Once overriden, the KIT password can be altered as described above in 'Editing KITs'.