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Why is there Booya! and Booya! for iPhone?
  Booya! and Booya! for iPhone are the same game but with different graphics. The iPad version requires larger graphics and including the large graphics in the iPhone version would use unnecessary memory.
Can Booya! be played between an iPad and an iPhone?
  Yes. Setup a bluetooth game exactly as you would between two iPhones.
Do I have to buy Booya! for each device?
  No! Buying Booya! for iPhone once will allow you to install it on all iOs devices tied to that particular iTunes account. Booya! for iPhone will work on iPads in compatibility mode but for the full Booya! game for iPad, you will need to buy that version.
Does Booya! support Game Center?
  At this moment in time, Booya! can only be played on a single device or via BlueTooth. We are looking into supporting Game Center in a later version.