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What is Booya!? Bluetooth Games

Booya! is a fun and strategic one or two player card game for iOs devices.

Booya! and Booya! for iPhone can both be played against the device, against a second player using the same device or against a second player on another device via bluetooth.


Both players must select 'Bluetooth' from the main menu.

The devices should find each other and display the name in their list.

Only one of the players needs to select their oppoant. This will ask the opponent to accept of decline the request.

Once the connection is established, one of the players can press 'Deal'. They will be player one. (if both players press 'Deal' player one will be determined by whoever pressed first.)

If you lose connection mid way through a game (inactivity or recieiving a phone call etc) your device will notify you of the loss. You then have the option to cancel or reconnect. Reconnect will take you through the initial connection steps but will allow you to continue the game where you left off.

How to play Booya!

2 decks of card (minus 4 aces) are laid out in a 10x10 grid. 4 Jacks are replaced by 'FreeCards'.

Each player is dealt 5 cards and players take it in turns to match a card from their hand to a card on the grid. This 'Claims' the card for them.

Claiming 5 cards in a row (Horizontally, Vertically or Diagonally) gives 'Ownership' of the cards to that player.

Owning a card prevents it from being tampered with.

The aim of Booya! is to Own 2 rows of 5 cards before your opponent.

Special Cards

Special cards are mixed in with the cards dealt out to the players.

4 Special cards have already been placed on the board in place of 4 of the jacks.

Special Cards are used to assist players in completing their own rows, or to prevent their opponent from completing a row and there are different types of special cards;

Free Card - Randomly placed cards. Can be used by either player to create a row.
Free Claim - Allows the player to claim any available card.
Remove Claim - Allows the player to remove a claim made on a card by their opponent.
Swap Claim - Swaps claim from opponent to player.
Create FreeCard - Create a Free Card which is usable by either player.
Gamble - Claim any available card. BEWARE; a card will be randomly chosen to give to the opponent and ANY card except Free Cards are fair game.